Dr. Pepper Is the Secret to Living Long, Healthy Life for 104-Year-Old

We've had a lot of discussion on how to stay alive forever. More and more people are living to 100 and whether it's staying away from men or eating White Castle on the regular, every centenarian has their own way of doing things to prolong their lives. Meet Elizabeth Sullivan, who owes it all to Dr. Pepper. »3/20/15 6:00pm3/20/15 6:00pm


Diet Dr Pepper Is the Best Beverage Ever Invented by Man (or Nature)

I will eat an entire cake and/or pie, and I will down half a package of Watermelon Oreos (sorry, Lindy), but I will die before I drink calories*. I don't know if it was coming of age in the 90s with a mom who was both always dieting and in possession of a Costco membership, but I've indulged in my fair share of diet… »7/18/13 11:10am7/18/13 11:10am

Here's What Happens To Women Who Drink Dr Pepper's 'Manly' Soda

I think we can all agree those ridiculous Dr Pepper 10 ads, which suggest the beverage is not for women, are a big disaster. No one tells us what we can and can't drink! The penis-only version of the soda has hurt the entire brand's approval ratings. But as this video shows, if you have a vagina and you decide to… »12/06/11 6:15pm12/06/11 6:15pm