Watch Oprah's All Stars Candidly Chat About Penises

On Ask Oprah's All Stars, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman address audience concerns. Tonight, a lesbian couple asked if they should circumcise their son; instead, they received loads of frank penis talk from Orman and host Gayle King. » 1/24/11 10:52am 1/24/11 10:52am

Dr. Oz Sued For Offensive Growth

Dr. Mehmet Oz's neighbor is suing him, claiming 30-foot cedars Oz planted on his New Jersey property are obscuring his view of Manhattan. They've squabbled over landscaping before, and this guy won't take Dr. Oz's (perfectly S-shaped) crap any longer! » 12/03/10 10:55am 12/03/10 10:55am

Jon Minus Hailey Plus Rabbi; Seacrest's Stalker Arrested As Miley's…

Diane Sawyer Subjected To More Humiliation On GMA

Today on Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer was forced to face off with Dr. Mehmet Oz by keeping her arm in an icy bucket of water until she couldn't stand the pain anymore. » 1/22/09 2:40pm 1/22/09 2:40pm