Dr. Luke Sues Kesha's Lawyer For Accusing Him of Raping Lady Gaga

The best way to keep your faith in human decency intact is to stay, far far away from the latest developments in the Dr. Luke/Kesha lawsuit saga. Every single day the story gets uglier and sadder and is always accompanied by a lawsuit of some sort. » 12/08/14 8:05pm 12/08/14 8:05pm

Kesha Told Rehab Doctors About Alleged Dr. Luke Sexual Abuse

Following Kesha's allegations that noted producer Dr. Luke sexually and physically abused her, a source close to the singer and her lawsuit says that Kesha, while in rehab for an eating disorder earlier this year, began telling doctors about her assault and that the doctors have written record of their counseling. » 10/17/14 10:30am 10/17/14 10:30am

Kesha Reportedly Wrote a Song About Relationship with Alleged Abuser

Kesha may have written a song about her alleged abuser, Dr. Luke, with lyrics referring to selling her soul and more. » 10/14/14 8:10pm 10/14/14 8:10pm

​Kesha Is Suing Producer Dr. Luke for Alleged Sexual Assault & Battery

Kesha has filed a lawsuit against popular producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault and battery, according to TMZ. Her allegations include physical abuse and drug coercion. Update: Dr. Luke has responded with a lawsuit of his own, claiming that Kesha made up the accusations to get out of her contract. » 10/14/14 1:10pm 10/14/14 1:10pm

Nicki Minaj's 'Pills N Potions' Video: Metallic Tears, Smoking Rabbits

Nicki Minaj’s glam transition to norm core continues with her new video for "Pills and Potions." Biggest shockers from the clip? Rabbits apparently like to smoke and sad girls can behead their boyfriends with computer graphics when they act up. How can I be down? » 6/10/14 3:00pm 6/10/14 3:00pm

Ke$ha's Mom: My Daughter Is Bulimic and Her Producer Was a Bully

As if going to rehab for bulimia isn't enough, Ke$ha's mom Pebe Sebert told People that super producer Dr. Luke pushed her there. » 1/10/14 11:30am 1/10/14 11:30am

Miley Cyrus's X-Rated VMA Performance Horrifies Everyone Everywhere

Miley Cyrus took a cue from the Linda Blair Playbook during her "Blurred Lines" duet with Robin Thicke — who was dressed like a natty member of a 1920s chain gang, incidentally — at the MTV VMAs last night. Specifically, she danced with some life-sized teddy bears, took off her furry teddy (get it?) to reveal nude… » 8/26/13 9:10am 8/26/13 9:10am

Heidi And Spencer Split; Celebrities Remember Gary Coleman