Yeah, We Know: Dr. Laura Schlessinger Is Full Of Shit

Today Show producers must have been in overdrive yesterday afternoon: The talk/news program was pretty much all Eliot Spitzer this morning, featuring an interview with former New Jersey first lady Dina Matos McGreevey (more on her later) and Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who sent Today Show viewers into fits of fury after… »3/11/08 12:00pm3/11/08 12:00pm

Dr. Laura Blames Whiny Women, "Defends" Her Soldier Son

Remember Dr. Laura? Well, she turned up on Larry King Live last night, where she held forth on everything from Britney (bad parent) to Lindsay (wasting her talents) to Hillary (so what if she cried?). In addition to questions about famous females, viewers solicited advice from Schlessinger on domestic disputes, and… »1/10/08 12:30pm1/10/08 12:30pm