Dr. Laura Has Black Friends, Only Apologized "Because She Got Caught"

The caller who received Dr. Laura Schlessinger's racist rant last week told CNN she doesn't accept the radio host's apology — and did a great job explaining why the apology was bullshit in the first place. » 8/20/10 9:34am 8/20/10 9:34am

Noted Feminist Sarah Palin Offers Support To Noted Racist Dr. Laura

This is how powerful sisterhood is for Sarah Palin: last night, a few hours after she coined the phrase "cackle of rads," she set herself apart from their habitual crucifixions by bravely standing by Dr. Laura. » 8/19/10 10:10am 8/19/10 10:10am

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Dr. Laura Quitting Radio to "Regain [Her] First Amendment Rights"

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who dropped the N-Word 11 times on the radio last week (audio here), just pompously announced on Larry King Live that she's quitting her radio show to "regain [her] First Amendment rights." Inside, video of Schlessinger's announcement. » 8/18/10 7:13am 8/18/10 7:13am