How To Protect Your Information From The Internet

Do you know how much of your personal information is floating around? It's more than you think and very easy to find. Phone numbers, home addresses, email accounts. As my recent story about gamers who got swatted showed, anybody can become a target. You don't have to be someone with a million followers. Social… » 1/26/15 2:56pm 1/26/15 2:56pm

Do people know about Nature editor doxxing a science blogger?

I was just on Twitter and saw that Henry Gee, a senior editor at Nature Magazine (and sci-fi writer) tweeted the real name of science blogger Isis the Scientist, calling her "inconsequential." I have only occasionally looked at her blog and know that she has criticized Nature in the past, but WTF was he thinking? It… » 1/20/14 8:56pm 1/20/14 8:56pm