The Downton Abbey Products We'd Like to See In Stores This Fall

Executive producers at Downton Abbey recently announced that they will be releasing a whole slew of Downton-branded merchandise when the show's fourth season premieres in the UK this September. Thus far, licensing agreements have been made with beauty supply companies, winemakers and even paint factories — just in… »8/15/13 5:00pm8/15/13 5:00pm

Sunday Sign-Off: The Mildly Exciting Downton Abbey SNES Game That Never Was

In preparation for your Sunday viewing of Downton Abbey, you might want to take some warm-up laps around the virtual estate. Can you help the Earl of Grantham find all of his fancy cigars before his fancy cigar party? Although it should go without saying, the Earl is not going to help you — you're the servant in… »1/27/13 6:30pm1/27/13 6:30pm