Dan Stevens to Possibly Be Gobbled By Lizard in Upcoming Monster Film

Dan Stevens wasn’t killed off in an especially romantic way at the end of his tenure on Downton Abbey, and now it seems he may be in danger of death-by-monster-reptile. He has just been cast as Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend in Colossal, a film about a woman who experiences a telepathic connection with a giant lizard.… »10/27/15 5:20pm10/27/15 5:20pm


George Clooney Makes Maggie Smith Swoon off the Couch in Downton Short

The Downton Abbey cast has gathered for a delightfully zany (British-humored) and very special Christmas short for the TV fundraiser Text Santa. With cameos by Jeremy Piven (Mr. Selfridge) and Absolutely Fabulous' Joanna Lumley, it pokes just enough fun at itself to remind you why you have spent hours watching rich… »12/20/14 2:35pm12/20/14 2:35pm

You Will Never See a Modern Grope Sesh on Downton Abbey

During the final countdown of Mary and Matthew's courtship on Downton Abbey, I started screaming at my television for them to just get a room — hell, even a broom closet — so that they could FINALLY have the hot and heavy feel-up (or even just a prolonged under-the-table handholding!) that their yearning glances were… »11/12/14 2:40pm11/12/14 2:40pm

Much like the British aristocracy, Downton Abbey is still doggedly hanging in there.

Much like the British aristocracy, Downton Abbey is still doggedly hanging in there. Variety reports the gorgeous, shameless costume pornography television show has just been renewed for its sixth season. Season five doesn't even debut stateside until January. But will the dog survive??? »11/06/14 3:40pm11/06/14 3:40pm

This Downton Abbey Parody Will Probably Be Better Than Downton Abbey

Here's your exclusive look inside my personal TV watching habits: I stopped watching Downton Abbey in season three because I could no longer muster up any concern over whether or not a rich family lost one of their several mansions. That said, I will tune in for The Britishes, the new DirectTV/College Humor sketch… »10/24/14 1:20pm10/24/14 1:20pm