RIP, Dourtney: Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison Call It Quits

After two years of marital bliss, 19-year-old Courtney Stodden has split from her 53-year-old husband Doug Hutchison. People, people, I know this is hard, and I know what you're thinking: "Hhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuggghhh, this bra iiiiiiiitches. Should I order cheesy bread or nachos? Wait...did I turn the space heater off?… »11/01/13 8:00pm11/01/13 8:00pm

Courtney Stodden Celebrates Her Video Premiere With LED Panties

This weekend, teenage bride Courtney Stodden threw a premiere party for the release of her new music video for her single "Reality." She showed up in a floor-length, transparent gown—the kind that strippers wear when they're working the floor selling lap dances—that revealed her illuminated panties. It turns out that… »2/12/13 5:10pm2/12/13 5:10pm

Today in Things I Couldn't Even Make Up, Britney Spears Is Writing a Novel

It's true! It's true! It's happening and it's true and modern Briterature (SORRY) will never be the same. Britney Spearsour Brit Brit!—is currently in negotiations with Harper Collins to pen the next Great American Novel. One can only presume it has something to do with the Old Lady Who Drops It Into the Ocean at the… »11/05/12 8:30pm11/05/12 8:30pm

Whoops, Says Lindsay Lohan—My Mom Totally WASN'T on Cocaine and It's Actually My DAD I Hate

It's a classic mistake! I can't tell you the number of times I've accidentally phoned my dad at 4 am to let him know that my mom was the devil and that she'd kidnapped me in a cocaine-fueled rampage and that he should call the police—only to realized later that my mom was actually just catching up on Reader's Digest… »10/11/12 8:45pm10/11/12 8:45pm

In Her Ongoing Campaign of Vehicular Recklessness, Amanda Bynes Smoked Pot In Her Car

Because we all haven't heard enough about Amanda Bynes' exploits behind the wheel, she apparently drove around aimlessly around Los Angeles for most of Tuesday, cutting people off and running lights, while taking hits of weed from a surreptitious pipe designed to look like a car cigarette lighter. »9/13/12 9:00am9/13/12 9:00am

Nicki Minaj Is Voting For Mitt Romney Because Everything She Raps Is Definitely True

A Nicki Minaj verse on Lil Wayne's new mixtape Dedication 4 is whipping all the blogs up into an unnecessary frenzy about her political predilections this morning: »9/04/12 9:00am9/04/12 9:00am

star and his incredibly piercing eyes wedded his longtime girlfriend in Los Angeles this weekend. They met before he got into acting and was a…

Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Baby Is Squeezing Its Way Out of the Womb As We Speak!

Giuliana Rancic's gestational surrogate is in labor, and the internet insists that this information is VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU and totally 100% your business. So here it is. Here is the information. A human baby is currently lodged in Giuliana Rancic's gestational surrogate's birth canal and is slowly but surely clawing… »8/29/12 8:40pm8/29/12 8:40pm

Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Thinks Most Postpartum Women Are Fatasses

Just days after Us Weekly editor Janice Min urged the public to stop the single-minded "mom shell" mentality—criticizing celebrities like Hilary Duff and Bryce Dallas Howard for not dropping postpartum weight fast enough—it should come as no surprise that the woman that Goop Paltrow credits for getting rid of her… »8/29/12 9:00am8/29/12 9:00am

In Assholic Move, Russell Brand Forces Wardrobe Girl to Show Him Her Tits

In a case of movie title imitating life, Russell Brand's facial hair refused to begin filming Eric Idle's new musical What About Dick? until he convinced a wardrobe assistant to flash him. He actually delayed production for two hours, haranguing her the entire time. A source said: »8/03/12 9:00am8/03/12 9:00am

Holy Shit Great Idea…

Happy Anniversary: 10 Magical Moments of Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison's Marriage

It's been one year since actor Doug Hutchison married his child bride Courtney Stodden, the aspiring pop singer/lucite-heel enthusiast 35 years his junior. We celebrate the happy couple's paper anniversary by reveling in some of the romantic moments that caused the world to fall in love with their love story. »5/18/12 7:50pm5/18/12 7:50pm

Courtney Stodden's Foot Hurts in Her Highly-Anticipated New Web Reality Series

For nearly a year now, teen bride Courtney Stodden and her 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison have been promising us that they're working on a reality show about their life as a married couple who do sexy photo shoots on religious holidays. Perhaps their plans haven't panned out, so they've created their own series… »4/17/12 10:35am4/17/12 10:35am

Courtney Stodden Gets Lingerie For Her 17th Birthday

Well, she wanted to go to Disneyland for her birthday, but there's a heatwave in Southern California that caused Courtney Stodden and her 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison to postpone the excursion. So instead he bought her gifts from Victoria's Secret (her favorite store). Remember when you were 17 and Victoria's… »8/30/11 11:20am8/30/11 11:20am

Doug Hutchison And 16-Year-Old Bride Shopping Reality Show

By now you've heard the story of sixteen-year-old Courtney Stodden legally marrying an actor 35 years her senior (and four years older than her father). Now that Courtney's parents have been receiving death threats, Doug's manager and agent have dropped him, and Doug's mother refuses to speak to him, the couple is… »7/15/11 11:50am7/15/11 11:50am