This Infamous 2010 'Douche Bag' Manual Ruled a Connecticut High School

Today, somebody sent an angel to our inbox: a once-infamous pick up artistry manual that made the rounds in one very special-sounding Connecticut high school several years back. But could teens in a Connecticut high school possibly know about sex? you might be asking yourself. The answer, both now and throughout the… »5/05/15 9:10am5/05/15 9:10am


Finance Douche Throws Pee-Pants Tantrum After Being Rejected on Tinder

Rejection is the pits. We know this. Professional rejection, academic rejection, organ rejection, and, most especially, romantic rejection. So it's totally understandable why this semi-anonymous Tinder user, known only as "Tom," would FLIP THE FUCK OUT like a baby that got sand on its binky when politely rebuffed by a… »9/04/14 6:15pm9/04/14 6:15pm

Vegas Club to Bachelorette Party: No 'Whales or Hippos' Allowed

It's fairly common knowledge that a Venn diagram charting the overlap between Vegas club promoters and terminal douchebags would be, essentially, a single circle. But this story of one woman's attempt to plan a Vegas bachelorette party well exceeds any tooly precedent by the tooliest people in tooltown. »7/16/14 5:30pm7/16/14 5:30pm

Chris D'Elia Calls #YesAllWomen "Shitty" While Promoting Shitty Sitcom

Chris D'Elia—star of NBC's horrible Undateable, known from NBC's horrible Whitney—visited host Josh Zepps on HuffPost Live yesterday for an interminable interview with the unexpected subject of: You! Specifically, ladies of the world, Chris has questions for you. Such as: Where do you get off? And, How dare you ladies… »5/30/14 11:56am5/30/14 11:56am

'Motorboating for Breast Cancer' Campaign Promotes Douchebag Awareness

Every year, millions of American men and boys are infected with douchebaggery — a soul-fatal condition in 90% of cases. While we know frustratingly little about the causes of douchebaggery, we see its devastating effects all around: public urination, the continuing popularity of Tosh.0, and, now, this latest Useless… »10/16/13 11:20am10/16/13 11:20am

Delusional Man-Child Has Most Incredible List of Dating Requirements

Looking to make a quick $1,500? Well, all you have to do is help this 39-year-old Austinite find the — not fat, not black, long-haired, unselfish, non-tattooed (SOME exceptions), non-bespectacled, childless (and not ever wanting children) (which is a good thing, because boyfriend should NOT reproduce), positive, warm,… »9/25/13 11:00am9/25/13 11:00am

The rise of the evolutionary psychology douchebag

They believe that certain groups of people are inherently smarter than others. They write books about how rape is a natural part of human evolution. And now, with another scandal rocking the world of evolutionary psychology, we can officially welcome a new breed of mad scientist into the spotlight: evopsych douchebags. »7/12/13 4:44pm7/12/13 4:44pm

Meet the Men of Congress's Powerful Douchebag Caucus

This week, boringly wacky Congressperson Trent Franks' dumb, dumb, dumb 20 week abortion ban advanced one step closer to becoming a law at the federal level*. Helping his constitutionally flaccid bill along was an all-male chorus of YEA votes in the nincompoopery-intense House Judiciary Committee — or, as we're going… »6/14/13 12:05pm6/14/13 12:05pm

Seven Reasons Why Rielle Hunter Is the Most Irritating Person on Earth

Hey, were you dying to hear not-at-all-notable blonde lady Rielle Hunter talk about herself a whole bunch? Me neither, but she's doing it anyway. For the children (srsly). In a new tell-all memoir, What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me, Hunter opens up about what really happened between John… »6/18/12 7:00pm6/18/12 7:00pm

Noted Dicks at Tosh.0 Use Stolen Fat-Positive Photo to Make Fun of Fat People

Can you believe fat people? Just existing willy-nilly all over the place, sometimes without even the courtesy to cloak their terrible bodies in heavy smocks and caftans. Some of them even have the gall to ask to be treated with basic human decency and compassion! Good thing we have Daniel Tosh & Co. to regulate this… »5/23/12 2:45pm5/23/12 2:45pm

Oh Great, 'The Rules' Is Back With a Whole New Bunch of Sexist Garbage

Remember back in the '90s when everyone went all kookaburra for The Rules? You know, it's basically the girl-version of The Game—teaching women how to entrap idiot men into "loving" them by acting like aloof, vacant pieces of shit? Well, feminist brain trust Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider are coming out with yet… »5/23/12 1:30pm5/23/12 1:30pm