Spirit Airlines Advertises Discounts With Overt Pussy Joke

Discount air carrier Spirit Airlines is offering travelers a discount on trips to the Caribbean. Sorry— to use their words, they're inviting travelers to "go down on them" to the Caribbean since they've "shaved" their fares. Get it? Pussy. » 1/22/14 7:00pm 1/22/14 7:00pm

Firefighters Taking Heat For Inappropriate On Camera Hose Usage

Firefighters in Los Angeles are being investigated for acting like how Samantha from Sex & The City thought they should act- by filming pornographic films while on duty. » 9/25/11 6:07pm 9/25/11 6:07pm

A Thanksgiving Smorgasbord of Sexy

Thanksgiving combines two things that are awesome but riddled with double entendres: eating and watching American football. Let's celebrate them in combination with a cornucopia of hot football players who we would mind basting our turkey. » 11/25/10 11:47am 11/25/10 11:47am