Dora the Explorer Gets a Badass Makeover With the Help of Modern Family's Ariel Winter

Most of us know Dora the Explorer as the bilingual Nick Jr. children's cartoon that's slowly infecting our nation's youth with bleeding heart liberalism and tolerance, but did you know that Dora is also a badass action hero with a hot, shirtless (and, in this case, grownup) sidekick named Diego? Well, she is — Dora… »6/29/12 10:50am6/29/12 10:50am

Dismayed By Miley's Displays Of Sexuality, Disney Assembly Line Creates Two Replacements

We already suspected that the Disney factory manufactures tween starlets like plastic widgets, but we had no idea that production has gone into super overdrive since the Miley Cyrus/ Vanity Fair "nude" debacle. The Wall Street Journal reports that "Talent development has taken on new urgency since April, when Vanity… »6/17/08 1:30pm6/17/08 1:30pm