The Rest of the Comics Page Weighs in on the Texas Abortion Debate

This week, dozens of papers across the US refused to print long-running strip Doonesbury in their comics pages on the grounds that the topic it tackled— Texas's abhorrant new sonogram law — was deemed "too controversial" for the delicate sensibilities of Hagar the Horrible readers. But one newspaper's blog took things… »3/16/12 7:10pm3/16/12 7:10pm

Tonight: The Last Debate And The Last Call To Let John McCain Off The Leash

The election might still be 20 interminable days off, but the last debate will be (liveblogged) tonight. McCain has promised both to "whip" his opponent tonight, and to bring up Bill Ayers. Will Obama have an answer? Can Bill O'Reilly get more absurd? Can the poll numbers get better for Obama? Will John McCain be… »10/15/08 10:00am10/15/08 10:00am