Watch Kanye & Mom Donda Rapping 'Hey Mama' in Ancient Home Video

The intimacy of a home movie is unreplicable and, viewed in retrospect, home movies are as telling as any diary entry. (This is why they are used as an easy flashback device for so many movies about dramatic familial interchange and/or horrors.) They're a microscope where the nuances of boring, day-to-day living… »4/08/15 11:50am4/08/15 11:50am


Amy Winehouse & Pete Doherty's New Addiction: Phoning Each Other

  • Pete Doherty says he speaks to Amy Winehouse "almost every day." He says they are helping each other battle drugs and Amy's been clean since her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has been in prison. Uh, is this a good idea? [The Sun]
  • Meanwhile, Amy's mom says of Blake, "Thank God he's gone [to jail]. Everyone else can see…
  • »11/21/07 9:00am11/21/07 9:00am

Kanye Serenades Beloved Mama; Hearts Break

Sentimental? Feeling particularly emotional? Get ready to cry your eyes out. Above is a clip from The Life and Rhymes of Kanye West, a filmed concert that originally aired in 2005 on MTV, on which Kanye performs "Hey Mama," the song he wrote about his relationship with his mom, from his album Late Registration. Donda… »11/13/07 12:30pm11/13/07 12:30pm