The Duggars Need Your Love, Support, and All Your Dolla Dolla Bills

Are the Duggars broke? That seems to be the question on a lot of people’s lips now that the family’s been cut off from their main source of income (their $40,000 an episode salary) and are putting their hands out more and more often, asking for their fans and supporters to buy their t-shirts and “send cards,” *wink… »8/05/15 12:00pm8/05/15 12:00pm


NJ Waitress Returning Wounded Warrior Donations, Is Now an Ex-Waitress

Remember our good, viral acquaintance, Dayna Morales, the Pinocchio waitress/ex-Marine from New Jersey who falsely claimed that she'd received an anti-gay message from an allegedly no-tipping couple, then began accepting donations from supporters who wanted to help wounded vets, then began allegedly hoarding that money »12/08/13 1:00pm12/08/13 1:00pm

When Your Clothes Die, They Become Earth-Devouring Zombie Clothes

It’s spring! No, even better — it’s summer! It’s summer and it’s hot as a fevered uvula outside, which means that your seasonal amnesia is already urging you to take all your useless winter clothes, pile them up on the street, pour gasoline all over them, and light them on fire, sending thick, ozone-puncturing… »6/07/13 12:35pm6/07/13 12:35pm

Planned Parenthood Rolls Out New Initiative Thanks to Sweet, Sweet Irony

Planned Parenthood has announced that it will use the $3 million it received in donations earlier this year to roll out a shiny new initiative to offer more breast cancer screenings and education programs. The funding for this new initiative comes as a direct result of breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen's decision… »8/21/12 10:00am8/21/12 10:00am

Rick Santorum Raised Terrifying $1 Million in 24 Hours

Rick Santorum's big wins in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado don't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but they do seem to have given his campaign a big financial boost. The campaign confirmed they raised $1 million in the 24 hours following his victories, and $800,000 of that came from online donations. That… »2/09/12 10:00am2/09/12 10:00am

Mayor Bloomberg to Donate $250K to Planned Parenthood Because of Komen Jackassery

Irritated by Susan G. Komen For The Cure's anti-choice pandering and anti-truth lying, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he stands with Planned Parenthood— by donating $250,000 to the organization. If my tally's correct, that means that since the Komen announcement and with Bloomberg's donation,… »2/02/12 4:15pm2/02/12 4:15pm

Justin Timberlake, Failed Philanthropist • Burned Afghan Teacher Wants Acid Thrown On Attackers

• Some celebrities give big charitable donations »11/25/08 5:40pm11/25/08 5:40pm, reports, but others give less than their foundations cost to run (we're looking at you, Justin Timberlake). • A claims that women in menopause gain weight not because they eat more but because they exercise less due to age and lifestyle constraints. • A British man…

Beau Biden Gets His Seat-Filler And The Financial Sector Gets Your Money

Sometimes, like turkeys killed beside Sarah Palin, your suffering only serves as a backdrop to the televised platitudes of those higher up on the food chain. The credit crunch and foreclosure is just a scene-setter for the banks' bail-out, and your deployment to a war zone is just the back drop for the furtherance of… »11/25/08 10:00am11/25/08 10:00am