The Charitable Humblebrag: Acts of Goodwill in the Age of Social Media

There's a silver lining to Hurricane Sandy's destruction: New Yorkers are actually being nice to one another! Not that we're normally not nice; it's just that during times of crisis such as this, you get to see the best side of New York's residents. Especially because said residents are all too happy to tell you about… »11/05/12 5:30pm11/05/12 5:30pm


Let Us All Band Together to Keep Bloodletting From Becoming a Medical Trend

You'd think there are some health practices from the past that ought to be left in the past, but apparently not. Witness the fact that the old remedy of bloodletting might be making a comeback. Ok, sure, why not? A small study of 33 obese patients with metabolic syndrome—the disease du jour—found that after six weeks… »5/31/12 10:00am5/31/12 10:00am