Here's Why Donald Glover, Hero Artist, Is My New Crush

Donald Glover might just be my new intellectual crush, guys. And not just because he was a writer on 30 Rock, is a Grammy nominated artist and has a new FX show called Atlanta on the way but rather he's just blowing up the idea of What It Means To Be Black while wearing a second-hand Hawaiian shirt. » 1/20/15 12:00pm 1/20/15 12:00pm

Donald Glover Says 'If I'm Clinically Depressed...Then Most Of Us Are'

In today's Tweet Beat, Anthony Bourdain is questioning some classic song lyrics, Yvette Nicole Brown wants people to be nicer on Twitter (for Damon Lindeof's sake) and Donald Glover doesn't understand the reaction to his recent Instagram posts. » 10/18/13 7:30pm 10/18/13 7:30pm

Queen Beyoncé Biked to Brooklyn for Her Concert Like a Pleb

Before her last show at the Barclay's Center, Yoncy gave her driver the day off and biked from the modest Tribeca home she shares with mild-mannered car insurance salesman Jay Z all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge to the venue. She also Instagrammed it because otherwise it didn't happen: » 8/07/13 9:00am 8/07/13 9:00am

Jay-Z Calls Twerk Enthusiast Miley Cyrus ‘Old World's Worst Nightmare’

During a charmingly goofy Twitter Q&A in which the world learned that Jay-Z had a childhood love affair with Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries, Hova was asked about some lyrics from his song "Somewhere In America" off Magna Carta Holy Grail: "Feds still lurking, They see I'm still putting work in/Cause somewhere in… » 7/09/13 9:00am 7/09/13 9:00am

Mila Kunis Begs Macaulay Culkin to Go to Rehab from Ashton Kutcher Sex…

The systematic destruction of Kevin McAllister rolls cruelly on: Everyone knows that the second most irrefutable fact of the world, immediately below "water is wet," is that there is almost nothing worse than receiving a concerned phone call from an ex, as well-intentioned as they may be. Raise to the tenth power when… » 8/17/12 9:00am 8/17/12 9:00am

A Barbershop Is Destroying Oprah's Family

Oprah Winfrey, Doyenne of Daytime, Queen Of Everything, is entangled in a bitter feud with her stepmother Barbara over her dad Vernon Winfrey's Nashville barber shop, which Oprah purchased after it went into foreclosure last week. Barbara accuses her stepdaughter of using her power to take over the barber shop… » 7/05/12 9:00am 7/05/12 9:00am

Your Boyfriend Donald Glover Might Appear on Season 2 of Girls

Lena Dunham and Donald Glover have been having some charming Twitter interactions over the past few days, but who would have suspected it was because Donald Glover is shooting scenes for season 2 of Girls? The New York Post has published a pretty darling photograph of the two of them from the series' set in… » 5/18/12 6:10pm 5/18/12 6:10pm

Lena Dunham Catches Donald Glover Red-Handed

In today's Tweet Beat, Lena Dunham catches a very mischievous Donald Glover, Josh Groban gets tipsy, Aziz Ansari travels in style and Creed launches a very modest summer tour.
» 5/16/12 7:30pm 5/16/12 7:30pm

Hollywood Squares Rebooted as Hip-Hop Squares; Ghostface Killah Is the…

Remember the other night when The Game dumped two bottles of $1,400 Ace Of Spades champagne on the street and then bought hot dogs for everyone, and you were like, "I would really enjoy this sort of joie de vivre in a square"? » 4/21/12 12:15pm 4/21/12 12:15pm

Donald Glover Will Play a Young Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock

Talk about coming full circle. Actor/Musician/Adorable Face Donald Glover will appear on a future live episode of 30 Rock as a young Tracy Jordan, the character Glover cut his teeth writing for (in television anyway) when he worked on the show for its first season. It's thanks to Glover that we have gems like… » 4/13/12 5:30pm 4/13/12 5:30pm

I See White People: Hunger Games and a Brief History of Cultural…

Attention, everyone: Racism is BACK! [Electric guitar riff.] As you may have heard (because it's both bonkers and everywhere), our national brain trust of semi-literate racist teenagers is not pleased with some casting choices in the newly released Hunger Games movie. And lo, they took to Twitter with a fury. » 3/27/12 11:20am 3/27/12 11:20am

Fuck Yes: Community will be Back this Spring

NBC did something non-terrible this afternoon when they announced that beloved but thinly watched sitcom Community will be returning to the network's lineup this spring. While this news is worth celebrating, don't have a paintball orgy yet— they haven't committed to a fourth season, which means the show's future may… » 1/06/12 5:50pm 1/06/12 5:50pm

Adorable Gang Members Feud Adorably In Drew Barrymore's New Video

The music video for Best Coast's new track, "Our Deal," is directed by Drew Barrymore, and features a slew of young stars acting like street toughs. A la Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story, Chloe Moretz of Kick Ass and Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf are star-crossed lovers from rival gangs; iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove is uh,… » 8/03/11 12:40pm 8/03/11 12:40pm

Donald Glover Good At Being Funny, Rapping, Probably Other Stuff

If you don't have some sort of crush on Donald Glover, the unhearlded Robin to Joel McHale's hottie Batman on NBC's Community, this video of him freestyling might change your mind. Pretty sure this clip got me pregnant. » 12/12/10 2:46pm 12/12/10 2:46pm

12-Year-Old Designer Is Proof Our Culture Has Gone Very, Very Wrong

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