A Chat with Malcolm Brenner, Man Famous for Having Sex with a Dolphin

Malcolm Brenner is the only man on Earth to achieve international fame for having sex with a dolphin. A former investigative journalist who covered the American Southwest, he remains best known for his 1970's love affair—mostly romantic, briefly sexual—with a bottlenose dolphin named Dolly. Their "courtship," which… » 2/11/15 12:30pm 2/11/15 12:30pm

Woman Who Made Sweet, Gentle Love With a Dolphin Says It Was Sensuous

Margaret Howe Lovatt, a researcher who participated in a NASA-funded experiment to teach dolphins to speak English, got more than she bargained for when an adolescent dolphin became sexual with her. But she didn't mind. » 6/09/14 9:30pm 6/09/14 9:30pm

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