Grave Robber Digs Up Dozens of Dead Girls, Turns Bodies Into Dolls

Just in case you were having a pleasant day and needed to be reminded that basically everything in the world is terrible and that life is a meaningless void from which none of us are able to truly escape, here's a story about a man who dug up dead girls, turned them into dolls and stuck music boxes into their ribcages. »10/30/14 1:10pm10/30/14 1:10pm


You Will Never Be Able to Cuddle With the Steve Jobs Doll

After introducing a much-anticipated 12-inch Steve Jobs doll, the company that designed it has said it will not to sell the figurine after all. Bummer. It looked awesome and even had the black turtleneck and could hold onto a tiny apple! The company, In Icons, had originally said that they'd bring the doll to market… »1/17/12 10:20am1/17/12 10:20am