How to Have Sex While Dressed for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Enormous feathered wings, spiky headdresses, skintight black and white checkered adult jumpsuits, elaborate leather underwear — you'd think that with the way Victoria's Secret throws around the word "sexy," its marquee public event wouldn't present people wearing outfits that make it nearly impossible for the wearer… » 11/15/13 11:40am 11/15/13 11:40am

What's the Big Fucking Deal About Celibacy?

Humans are fucking weirdos when it comes to other people's sex lives, but we're even weirder when it comes to other people's lack of sex lives. What is this bug we get up our collective cultural asses when we find out that someone chooses (or doesn't choose, or whatever) not to rub their parts on other people's parts?… » 8/07/13 6:15pm 8/07/13 6:15pm

8 Reasons Premarital Boning Is Good for Both You and Society

Culturally, America's attitude toward women and sex is pretty screwed up (no pun intended). Society tells us that it's dirty, filthy, and wrong, and women who have it are sinners who have to pretend that they don't know what a dick looks like. Then, on that magical day at some point in their adulthood, those formerly… » 9/26/12 1:45pm 9/26/12 1:45pm