TSA Agent Finds Naughty Little Doggie in Checked Bag

How You Raise a Pet May Predict How You Will Parent

Pet lovers may finally have a paw up in the argument that their pets really are child substitutes—at least when it comes to how they feed them. New research suggests there may be a connection between child-feeding and pet-feeding style, when it comes to determining obesity in both. » 2/22/15 4:15pm 2/22/15 4:15pm

Westminster Dog Retires to Breed. Why Can't Bitches Have It All?

Miss P is a four-year-old beagle from British Colombia—a fully grown adult, by dog standards. On Tuesday, she won the top honor in her field, the Westminster Dog Award for Best in Show. A legacy attendee—her granduncle, Uno, won the prize in 2005—Miss P was considered an outlier nonetheless, and statistically speaking… » 2/18/15 3:15pm 2/18/15 3:15pm

Look at This Cute Fucking Westminster Champion Beagle

Vogue Coverage of the Westminster Dog Show Is Literally the Holy Grail

The whole of Vogue's 123-year history has been leading up to this, a behind-the-scenes video feature on the "backstage beauty" of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. If I had my druthers, absolutely everything produced by Vogue would be just like this. Same tone, analogous subject matter, similar number of dogs… » 2/17/15 3:50pm 2/17/15 3:50pm

Golden Retriever is Truly Baffled by Video of Golden Retriever 

This Golden Retriever is as perplexed by viral videos on the Interwebs as most of us probably are, but she has the courage to show it. She's not embarrassed that she thinks this might be an actual mini dog here on her table, playing with a squeaky toy that she wants to play with too. Not at all. » 1/21/15 11:36pm 1/21/15 11:36pm

French Bulldog Puppy Heroically Reclaims Bed from Evil Cat

Like so many dogs before him, Pixel the French Bulldog was a victim of cat gentrification in his own home. It looked like all hope was lost. We thought Pixel would have to spend the rest of eternity sleeping helplessly next to the his former bed, using his best sad puppy eyes to try and get it sleep space back. But he… » 1/13/15 7:00pm 1/13/15 7:00pm

The Real Story of Why This Dog Was Abandoned With a Suitcase of Toys

The heartbreaking story of a dog who was abandoned at a train station with a suitcase of his toys has a resolution of sorts, but it won't make you feel any better. » 1/12/15 9:30am 1/12/15 9:30am

Dog's Face Says "I've Made a Huge Mistake" Right Before Falling on Kid

You know that moment right when you stop thinking what you're doing is really cool and suddenly realize what you're doing is actually a really, really bad idea? This dog is having one of those moments. » 1/08/15 8:50pm 1/08/15 8:50pm

Watch Dachshund Batman and Robin Fight Crime 

There's villainy afoot on the streets of Gotham tonight but fear not! Dachshund Batman and Robin are here, ready to fight for good and justice! » 1/04/15 9:30pm 1/04/15 9:30pm