Adorable Drawings of Dog Breeds, Grouped By Their Place of Origin

Dog breeds can be a complicated subject, but, for better or worse, humans have been doing it for a long time. Breeds are not only instantly recognizable, the popular imagination has also tended to give dogs the same stereotypes of their nation of origin. But how many breeds and their homes can you actually name? » 9/26/14 11:31am 9/26/14 11:31am

​I Watched the Only Rom Com I Refused to Watch

I'll watch any romantic comedy. The ones that make it into theaters (Baggage Claim). The ones that air on television (Beauty and the Briefcase). The ones that never really make it to either medium, languishing on DVD or VHS or whatever format we're touting to document things permanently but without notice these days.… » 9/06/14 2:00pm 9/06/14 2:00pm

Golden Retriever Loves Watching Football SO FUCKING MUCH OH MY GOD

This golden retriever, much like your cousin Chad, cannot even fucking cope with his excitement about football season. He loves it so much, in fact, that some Septembers he will hop back and forth laterally for NEARLY TWO POINT FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT. (Much like your cousin Chad.) And that is just the hopping we know… » 9/05/14 4:50pm 9/05/14 4:50pm