It's A Girl! (But We Knew That Already.)

Earlier this week we got our hands on one of the first finished copies of The Book of Jezebel. We are happy to report that it looks and feels gorgeous. (It is also fun to take photographs with, like the one seen here with the site's deputy editor, Dodai Stewart. Also, it is made in the USA!) Those who want to know… »9/19/13 2:03pm9/19/13 2:03pm


A Year In The Life Of An Overworked, Much-Appreciated Jezebel Editor

Longtime readers may recall that, one year ago today, Jezebel caused a ruckus with our publication of that ridiculously-retouched Faith Hill Redbook cover. (More on that can be found here.) They may also recall that July 16, 2007 was also the first day of Dodai Stewart's tenure as a Jezebel all-star. Looking back, I… »7/16/08 1:00pm7/16/08 1:00pm

This Fall, We'll All Be Flappers On Acid In French Boarding Schools

New York Fashion Week kicked off on Friday at the tents in Bryant Park, and in the ensuing three days, plenty of big-name designers have given us their vision of what women can look forward to, sartorially that is, once winter passes, summer swelters, and the chill sets in again. Designers as disparate as Diane von… »2/04/08 10:30am2/04/08 10:30am