New Documentary Tells Compelling Story of Vaudevillian Conjoined Twins

Before Paris and Nicky there was Daisy and Violet, the world's first famous pair of Hilton sisters. Born conjoined at the hips in 1908, Daisy and Violet were sold to a promoter who exploited them for financial gain by turning them into a sideshow sensation. Bound By Flesh, a new documentary by IFC Films, tells their… » 6/17/14 6:45pm 6/17/14 6:45pm

Mesmerizing 'Living Dolls' Doc Follows People Obsessed With Dolls

I can remember being 13 years old, sitting on the floor of my living room, acting out a scene with two Barbies and a couple of Strawberry Shortcake dolls. (They were all friends!) It was right at a time when the other girls in my class were starting to talk about boys and sex, and wearing high-heels and frosted lip… » 11/09/13 1:22pm 11/09/13 1:22pm

Rejoice! They've Made a Documentary about The Phantom Tollbooth

If you were a child in America in the past so many years, you probably read or at least can acknowledge the existence of Norton Juster's great children's classic The Phantom Tollbooth. Though Juster may have written the book, it was equipped with equally important illustrations by Juster's longtime friend Jules… » 10/11/13 3:10pm 10/11/13 3:10pm

Ryan Gosling Is Completely Endearing in Latest Showbiz Anecdote

Ryan Gosling’s smirking, sun-dappled face will appear twice over the course of the Cannes Film Festival: in the erotically violent Nicolas Winding Refn film Only God Forgives, and then briefly in a documentary about the ruthless business behind movie-making, Seduced & Abandoned, where he shares a few charming stories… » 5/19/13 6:00pm 5/19/13 6:00pm

Beyoncé's 'Documentary' Was Just a Theatrical Infomercial

Over the weekend, Beyoncé's "documentary," Life Is But a Dream, aired on HBO. It wasn't really a documentary, though, it was part video diary, part infomercial, part carefully staged interview intended to give viewers the sense that the singer was revealing all, when in fact, she revealed very little. » 2/18/13 6:20pm 2/18/13 6:20pm

Yeah, Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson Are Definitely Making a Movie

Rumors surfaced this summer that noted hipster greaseball photographer Uncle Terry would be making a feature-length documentary film about Lady Gaga, after he followed her peeing, doing yoga, bathing in glitter and what have you on tour for 10 months last year in order to produce 350 pages of glossy hedonism to hawk… » 12/26/12 6:20pm 12/26/12 6:20pm

NYC and Filmmaker Ken Burns In Tug o' War Over Unreleased Rape…

New York City wants Ken Burns to give up unreleased footage from The Central Park Five, his most recent documentary about five men who were imprisoned but eventually exonerated for allegedly raping a woman in Central Park, and it's not because officials think they deserve an advance screening; the city hopes it can… » 10/05/12 11:10am 10/05/12 11:10am

Short Film Goes Behind the Wheel with Female Cab Drivers

Diana Diroy's ten minute film, What's A Girl Doing Here? goes behind the wheel with female cab drivers in New York City. There are 46,000 taxis in the city, and a mere 170 of them are driven by women. One driver, Elena Tenchikova, divulges that she once had a little girl in her cab who asked her mother, "What's a… » 9/24/12 5:50pm 9/24/12 5:50pm

Inocente Documentary Explores the Hard-Knock Life of a an Undocumented,…

On Thursday, MTV featured a documentary about an 18-year-old artist and undocumented immigrant named Inocente Izucar, whose father brought her and her brother — "basically kidnapped," she explains — to the U.S. when they were very young. Izucar's childhood struggles with being a homeless, undocumented immigrant… » 8/18/12 1:30pm 8/18/12 1:30pm

Bully Documentary Looks Heartbreaking and Hopeful

Here's a trailer for the soon-to-be-released Bully, a documentary that focuses on the horrifying harassment that some children face at school and what some are doing to stop it. The preview on its own is a whirlwind of hope and dispair— we can only imagine how many box of tissues it will take to get through the whole… » 2/24/12 1:40pm 2/24/12 1:40pm

Meet Jazz, An Impressive 11-Year Old Transgender Girl

Tonight a new documentary premieres on Oprah Winfrey's struggling network, OWN, that actually looks like it might be good. It's called I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition, and it tells the story of Jazz, an 11-year-old transgender girl. Jazz, seen above meeting her idol Chaz Bono, is wonderfully confident and simply… » 11/27/11 1:35pm 11/27/11 1:35pm