Texas Bill Would Prevent Doctors from Asking About Guns in the Home

A bill recently introduced into the Texas State Legislature would make it illegal for doctors to ask their patients if they own guns. Doctors ask about guns to make sure that they're being stored safely and to gauge a patient's domestic violence risks. But the bill sponsor, State Representative Stuart Spitzer, seems… »3/25/15 6:40pm3/25/15 6:40pm

Doc Suspended for Allegedly Sexting Raunchy Selfies While on Duty

A 47-year-old Seattle anesthesiologist just got his license suspended for alleged offenses including sexts sent during surgery and at least one raunchy work selfie. He "compromised patient safety due to his preoccupation with sexual matters while he was on hospital duty," the state's Medical Quality Assurance… »6/10/14 2:30pm6/10/14 2:30pm

Almost Half of Americans Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories

You know those "articles" that your barista and your old coworker's boyfriend and your weird Kansas cousin are always posting all over their Facebook feeds, revealing shocking and outlandish "secrets" that such-and-such establishment doesn't want you to know about? And they're always from "news" websites you've never… »3/20/14 6:30pm3/20/14 6:30pm

Lady Doctors Are Outperforming Men on Pretty Much Everything

As anyone who's ever seen an episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman can tell you, women make better doctors than men — and not just the lady doctors of the late -1800s American West, but the lady doctors of today, too! I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but a new report released by the University of Montreal… »10/18/13 11:10am10/18/13 11:10am

Women Are Dying Because Doctors Think They Look 'Healthy'

In a study of more than 15,000 people, researchers at Heart Institute-Pitie Salpetriere Hospital in Paris found that many doctors are missing crucial signs of heart problems in women because many of those at risk were "well-groomed" and "looked healthy". I guess us ladies should put on a fat suit and roll around in… »9/05/13 10:25am9/05/13 10:25am

Hospitals Hire Hand-Washing Coaches Because Staffers Are Fucking Gross

Despite major advances in technology and innovation, infection spreads at modern-day hospitals like dysentery spread on (your last game of) Oregon Trail. Studies have shown that without encouragement, hospital employees only wash their hands about 30 percent of the time they're interacting with patients. Paging Dr.… »5/30/13 4:20pm5/30/13 4:20pm

Yet Another Study Finds Anti-Fat Bias Among Medical Professionals

Okay, guys, I'm confused. How many studies is it going to take for the general public to accept that medical professionals hold the same anti-fat biases as the rest of the nation, and that those biases jeopardize fat people's health? It doesn't mean that there aren't nice doctors (my doctor rulz), or that doctors… »5/29/13 6:10pm5/29/13 6:10pm

Kindly Get the Fuck Out of the Delivery Room While We're Giving Birth

Delivery rooms increasingly resemble gladiator-style amphitheaters where uninvited family members cram in to watch women give birth, according to Today, which describes situations "rife with drama as grandparents-to-be vie for the best camera angle, or a mother-in-law angles to be the one feeding ice chips between… »5/21/13 10:40am5/21/13 10:40am

Doctors Aren't Mean to Fat Patients, They're Just Nicer to Thin Ones

As a fat person, I've never been treated like complete shit at the doctor, although I've certainly gone in for a sore throat and been told to go on a diet (ugh, why wouldn't I stop eating so many strep-laced Ding Dongs!?). But I have had some uncomfortable experiences, and I know plenty of fat people who have had… »5/02/13 11:20am5/02/13 11:20am