The Obamas Watched Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing on Their First Date

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Spiky Lee's iconic Do the Right Thing, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art hosted a screening, reception, and Q&A with the director. Before the screening, however, Lee announced that there was a surprise in store for everyone—a video message from the POTUS and FLOTUS. » 6/29/14 1:30pm 6/29/14 1:30pm

You Know, Cindy, He Might Have Been More Tactful But John Sorta Has A Point About The Tranny Makeup

  • John McCain called his wife a "cunt" sixteen years ago. The full quote, in response to Cindy's "playful" mention of his male pattern baldness, was: "At least I don't plaster on makeup like a trollop, you cunt." I have to give him bonus points for using the word "trollop" and also, calling her out on what looks to be…
  • » 4/07/08 6:30pm 4/07/08 6:30pm

Before Michelle, Barack Obama Thought Marriage Was A Meaningless Institution Blah Blah

You know they worked at the same law firm and saw Do The Right Thing and ate Baskin-Robbins on their first date, but there are still a lot of unknown unknowns about the courtship of Michelle and Barack Obama that feebleminded swooning McDreamers like us have been gorging ourselves on Kucinich romance news to make up… » 3/03/08 3:00pm 3/03/08 3:00pm