How To Give Yourself Paint-Splattered Jackson Pollock Nails

Why not freshen up your nail game — and/or document your Jackson Pollock/Abstract Expressionism fandom — with this DIY manicure that mimics the effect of spattered paint? Like all the best things in life, it looks a hell of a lot more complicated than it actually is. All that stands between you and getting just the… » 10/21/11 4:05pm 10/21/11 4:05pm

How To Make A Quick Beach Cover-Up

It's summer, and while we're all sweltering in the 98° heat, our thoughts turn naturally to cooling, natural, beautiful, necessary water. The seaside. The local pool. The river. The nearest lake. And when you've had your swim and you get out and towel off, reveling in that unfamiliar feeling of our body parts not… » 6/10/11 6:55pm 6/10/11 6:55pm