Watch Politicians Get Thrown Off Script When Disabled Adults Interview Them

Politicians are completely full of it, especially during interviews with journalists, and especially during an election year. So what happens when a news team consisting of only developmentally disabled adults tries to get past the votemongering spin and to the truth? A new movie shares their eye-opening, hilarious,… »10/19/12 6:40pm10/19/12 6:40pm


10 Ways the Democratic Party Is Trying to Be Your Best Friend

The 2012 Democratic Party platform, in sharp contrast to its paranoid, grasping, haterade chugging brother the RNC platform, is a friendly, hug-oriented drum circle of a political wish list. So much so that it can verge on feeling a little too try-hardy. Let's examine the 10 most noteworthy ways that the bespectacled,… »9/06/12 11:30am9/06/12 11:30am