Quentin Tarantino Feels Oppressed by 'Black Critics,' Should Sit the Hell Down

In the same issue of T that spawned Miranda July’s Rihanna profile and this smoking hot Lagerfeld quote, Quentin Tarantino is interviewed by Bret Easton Ellis for a wild romp into his “Gonzo Vision.” As the two sip wine and opine on cinema in his Hollywood Hills abode (so gonzo!), the author sneers at “the policing of… »10/13/15 10:30am10/13/15 10:30am


Who the Hell Collects These Django Unchained Slave Action Figures?

Along with the release of Tarantino's Django Unchained, the marketing geniuses put their busy little heads together and came up with all sorts of fun tie-ins. One of the brilliant ideas the brain trust dreamt up was collectible dolls of the characters. Because who doesn't want pose-able, 8" action figures of slaves… »1/14/13 10:00pm1/14/13 10:00pm

Cruel Temptress A.J. McLean Says There's Always a Place for Ryan Gosling in the Backstreet Boys

I don't even know how to BEGIN to feel about this. A.J. McLean (a.k.a. Fedora Patient Zero) says that Ryan Gosling could have been a Backstreet Boy—he was definitely secks-yoooo-uhhhlllll enough—but it didn't happen because McLean didn't have Gosling's phone number. However, in 2013, he's willing to give baby-goose a… »1/14/13 8:00pm1/14/13 8:00pm