Tyrese Gibson's Django Audition Reel Is Painfully Bad

Tyrese Gibson is no Denzel Washington or Don Cheadle. He's a good singer-slash-model known best for being the guy in that Coca-Cola commercial, playing the annoying wanna-be gangster Jody in Baby Boy and, most notably, flaunting his enviable abs. Oh, and playing the cheap and also annoying Roman in The Fast and the… »2/04/14 12:50pm2/04/14 12:50pm

Obviously You Should Let Groupon Name Your Baby for You

These days there's a discount to be found for just about any service, so perhaps we should not be surprised that Groupon has started offering a deal in New York City to name your baby for you. True, this is likely a Father's Day PR stunt, but still it's fun to consider the possibility of paying them to decide your… »6/12/12 9:30am6/12/12 9:30am