The Most Popular Songs of 2013 Mashup Is Your New Favorite Jam

I know I already posted one "most popular songs of 2013" mix, but I really love this one from DJ Earworm. It's kinda like someone took all your leftover Thanksgiving dishes and mixed them into one delicious mega meal of funky fabulousness. I'm a fan. » 12/04/13 11:34pm 12/04/13 11:34pm

The 25 Biggest Songs Of 2011, All In One Excellent Mashup

DJ Earworm has posted his fourth annual United State of Pop mashup, featuring 2011's 25 biggest pop songs (as determined by methodology explained here) rolled up into one enjoyable and easy to digest ditty. What's particularly cool about Earworm's mashups — and this year's edition more so than ever — is that they… » 12/27/11 3:15pm 12/27/11 3:15pm