Pretty, Easy Nails: Super Subtle Bling

As we talked about last time, color choice is key to nailing this look. We're going to use polish and rhinestones, in a simple way, but the trick is to choose ones that are just barely a shade different from each other. This will create an almost imperceptible depth to your design. So chic. » 3/25/15 6:00pm 3/25/15 6:00pm

DIY Store Braces for Fifty Shades-Induced Questions About Rope 

Employees at a chain of British DIY stores are being encouraged to flip through Fifty Shades of Grey and get ready to field relevant questions from curious customers, and managers "need to be aware of the implications that the film may have on stock levels." This is probably the most exciting thing to hit hardware… » 2/09/15 10:30am 2/09/15 10:30am

How to Fix a Torn Nail

We were hoping to start this series with a tutorial on how to do a basic mani-pedi at home, but then this shit happened. Here's how to save a broken nail. » 1/26/15 6:50pm 1/26/15 6:50pm

There's a $250,000 Origami Frog Up for Grabs on Etsy

Hey, all you origami lovers out there: go back to folding paper, and then folding it again, because I have here a grave offense to your craft. » 12/15/14 6:40pm 12/15/14 6:40pm

Just the Tips: How to Dress Peaches as Sexy Butts

In Just The Tips, Katy and Katie heed the siren song of "best life" advice in the realms of fashion, makeup, DIY, crafts, and home decor. Their efforts are met with only varying degrees of success; their spirits remain suspiciously undefeated. Today, they make sexy underwear for fruit. » 10/16/14 5:50pm 10/16/14 5:50pm

Pinterest's Adorable DIY Offices Sound Like My Personal Hell

You probably won't be surprised to learn that Pinterest has a corporate HQ full of twee, crafty little touches that fair scream D.I.Y. It is enough to make me run screaming in the other direction. Yes, I know that I am a cranky, crotchety bat. » 9/02/14 2:40pm 9/02/14 2:40pm

This Secret Treasure Room May Be The Best Birthday Present Of All Time


When Sarah Goer and her husband discovered a disused storage space attached to their son's room, they decided to convert it into a Secret Treasure Room. For years, they concealed the room's entrance with a dresser, waiting for the perfect moment – their son's fourth birthday – to reveal its existence. Here, Sarah… » 8/10/14 5:19pm 8/10/14 5:19pm

DIY: How To Give Your Apartment A Bold New Floor For Less Than $100

Do you suffer from acute boring floor-itis? Welcome back to DIY, where solutions for all your wardrobe- and decor-related snafus are at hand. » 6/07/14 5:30pm 6/07/14 5:30pm

Here's An Amazing Glowing Dress You Can Totally Make

If you've been wishing and hoping (and thinking and praying) for a way to create a dress that's even a little bit like some of the amazing fashions out of The Hunger Games, your dreams have just come true. Natalie Walsh has posted both this video and instructions on how to make your own fantastic luminescent dress… » 6/01/14 6:02pm 6/01/14 6:02pm

Survey Finds More Women Taking Charge of DIY Around the House

A new survey shows that more women are becoming "do-it-yourselfers," spending money and time fixing things around the house themselves—GASP—without the aid of a man. » 4/21/14 10:30pm 4/21/14 10:30pm

Here's the Only Coachella Makeup Tutorial You'll Ever Need

This weekend, thousands of young people from around the world will be packing up and traveling to the the middle of the California desert for Coachella, the most buzzed about music festival of the year. Of course, these days Coachella style is just as important as Coachella music so how do you keep yourself looking… » 4/11/14 11:25am 4/11/14 11:25am

14 Pieces of Actual, No-Bullshit Wedding Planning Advice

There's a lot of wedding advice floating around the Internet. Problem is, a lot of it is useless fluff dreamed up by a) relatively well-heeled editors contractually obligated to spend their days inventing absurd nonsense to fill pages surrounded by advertisements b) people who've never planned a wedding/mistakenly… » 3/31/14 3:50pm 3/31/14 3:50pm

How to Turn an Ikea Rug Into a Fashionable Furry Vest

There’s a new DIY and it’s all about mixing home decor with clothing design. Who needs a Forever 21 faux fur vest when you can just fashion one from your roommate's IKEA rug. Yes, I’m serious and yes, that is a thing. » 2/18/14 9:00pm 2/18/14 9:00pm

One-Third of American Women Are on Pinterest, Love Cheese Dip Recipes

It would appear that a full third of women in the U.S. are really, really into mason-jar D.I.Y. projects and inspirational quotes overlaid onto stock photos. Because according to the latest numbers, 33 percent of American women who bother using the Internet at all are now on Pinterest. » 1/02/14 12:20pm 1/02/14 12:20pm

Important Life Lessons From Pinterest's Top Pins of 2013

Pinterest is to physically impossible crafts, recipes, and photographs for the homebound and quixotic what Cosmo is to physically impossible sex positions for the recently deflowered. But that hasn't stopped millions of pinners from coalescing on the social bulletin board and making their voices (and tastes) heard.… » 12/19/13 2:45pm 12/19/13 2:45pm

You Need This DIY Cover of TLC's "Waterfalls" in Your Life

Anybody else here love Angry Asian Man as much as I do? Then behold Phil Yu, the man behind the bloggy magic, expertly rapping the Left Eye part of TLC's "Waterfalls" in this amazing 10-person cover. » 12/11/13 4:35pm 12/11/13 4:35pm

The Sriracha Factory Might Be Closing, but You Can Make Your Own!

Sick and tired of essentially living inside a giant cloud of pepper spray, residents of Irwindale, CA petitioned to have the Huy Fong Foods factory (makers of Sriracha) shut down until they can regulate their fumes. Yesterday, city officials filed suit. A judge will decide on Thursday whether or not to grant the order. » 10/30/13 1:30pm 10/30/13 1:30pm

Don't Let All Those Dick Pics Go To Waste -- Make a Calendar!

I got another dick pic yesterday. And I have to say, this one wasn’t bad. Usually, the pics I get remind me of scenes from TREMORS, but this one was back lit with some soft afternoon light. Fine. Still, I felt the same way I do when I get a present from my mother. I pretend to act excited, and say things like “Oh!… » 8/01/13 11:50am 8/01/13 11:50am