Julia Roberts Set to Become a Runaway Bride After 13 Years of Marriage

I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it! Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are [allegedly] about to end their marriage of 13 years. Radar Online has obtained recent photos of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s Malibu home, and you know what’s in the driveway? I’ll tell you what’s in the driveway: »9/14/15 9:45am9/14/15 9:45am


After 72 Days Of Marriage, Kim Kardashian To Finally File For Divorce

America's most profitable newlyweds, sex-tape-maker-cum-reality-star Kim Kardashian and her blushing groom, New Jersey Nets giant Kris Humphries, are reportedly done. Finished. Over. Dunzo. Love is dead; god may be as well. According to TMZ, Kim is filing for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences," and the… »10/31/11 12:06pm10/31/11 12:06pm

Scorned "YouTube Wife" Takes Her Brand Of Crazy To The Insider

Tricia Walsh-Smith — the estranged wife of rich guy theater mogul Philip Smith, who has been posting highly entertaining video rants on YouTube about their breakup — has taken her fight to The Insider. She is auctioning off her wedding dress on eBay in order to cover a $5,000 donation that she made to a charity for… »5/05/08 11:00am5/05/08 11:00am