For those of us who can only dream of having the vocal range and equally huge diva status as Mariah Carey, Time has given us the greatest gift: the Mariah Carey Album Title Generator. Yes, even you can be Me. Now all you have to do is hire a photography crew to figure out when the next simultaneous meteor… » 5/04/14 5:00pm 5/04/14 5:00pm

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Being a Confident Badass Does Not Make a Female Athlete a 'Diva'

There have been several great stories to come out of the gymnastics competition at these Games—the Fierce Five's dominant performance to win the team gold medal, Gabby Douglas' victory in the all around, Kohei Uchimura's coronation as greatest male gymnast of all time, the British men's historic team bronze in front… » 8/08/12 6:30pm 8/08/12 6:30pm

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