Formerly Obese Teenagers Are at High Risk for Eating Disorders

Today in America's Holy War on Obesity, teenagers who "beat" fatness and manage to become thin (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BANNER) are at a significant risk of developing eating disorders and unlikely to have those disorders diagnosed. Because, hey, thinness is the goal—not health. Thinness is everything, thinness is the… » 9/10/13 10:20am 9/10/13 10:20am

Researchers Say Anorexia Is a Socially Transmitted Illness

Economists in Europe studied anorexia and body image. You will be shocked, shocked that they concluded in part that the "social and cultural environment" influences how women feel about their bodies, our understanding of what comprises an "ideal" body, and our behaviors: » 3/02/12 1:45pm 3/02/12 1:45pm

In 1972 for its U.K. launch, put…