Girl Meets World Gets Series Order, Will Not Star Shawn's Bowl Cut

The Disney Channel has decided to give Girl Meets World, the sequel to the beloved '90s sitcom Boy Meets World, a full season order. And thusly a whole new generation is treated to at least a season's worth of backyard pep talks, sage advice from elderly professors and threats from 30-year-old high school bullies. »6/17/13 11:15am6/17/13 11:15am

Does Miley Cyrus Represent A "Normal Weight"? • Tehran Opens "Gals Only" Park

Is Miley Cyrus good for girls' body image? A new study shows that almost half of the characters on children's programs are at a "normal weight." Hm, I've seen the Miley & Mandy show (I know), and that girls is a total waif.• Crisis: Australia is currently beating America for the "fattest country" title, are we really… »6/19/08 5:20pm6/19/08 5:20pm