Game Theory Might Solve Your Marital Problems! (Whatever Game Theory Is)

Normally I hate articles and books about how "Men do this, women do this, relationships are like this, and unless you're like this you're going to wind up like THIS," because typically they are boring, disingenuous, never effective, dehumanizing, cash-grabby, and dumb. But though obviously all relationships are… »6/13/12 4:00pm6/13/12 4:00pm


Boy Caught Busting A Move While Doing The Dishes

A Redditor dad says his son Frankie asked him to put on "Smooth Criminal" while he did the dishes, and when he peeked back into the kitchen he witnessed a performance that puts Snow White and her woodland creatures to shame. Dad says that though Frankie was momentarily embarrassed, now that the video is going viral… »11/07/11 10:44pm11/07/11 10:44pm