Zara Faces Criticism After a Paris Store Refused Entrance to a Muslim Woman

Zara, the Spanish retailer of fast fashion, is under fire after a video emerged showing an employee of a Paris-based store refusing entrance to a woman wearing a hijab. The man in the video tells her that people with any head coverings, including hats and hoodies, aren’t allowed in the store.
»11/18/15 9:00pm11/18/15 9:00pm


Utah Judge Rescinds Order to Remove Baby from Lesbian Foster Parents

Judge Scott Johansen has decided to rescind his ruling that would have removed a one-year-old foster child from the home of April Hoagland her spouse, Beckie Peirce. In the original court documents, Johansen cited “belief that research has shown that children are more emotionally and mentally stable when raised by a… »11/14/15 4:15pm11/14/15 4:15pm

Trans Woman Jailed in Iowa for Eight Days Sues Hotel for Discrimination

In July 2014, Meagan Taylor and a friend, both black trans women, were traveling through Iowa on their way to Kansas City. They decided to spend a night at the Drury Inn in West Des Moines, Iowa. But instead of making it to Kansas City the next day, Taylor spent the next eight days in a county jail. »11/11/15 12:30pm11/11/15 12:30pm

3 Female Sports Journalists Denied Entry to the Jacksonville Jaguars' Locker Room

On Sunday, three female sports reporters were initially denied postgame entrance into the Jacksonville Jaguars’ locker room because they were women. The usher checked with several men before allowing reporters Joey Chandler, Graham Watson, and one unidentified woman, who were all in Indianapolis for the Associated… »10/05/15 1:55pm10/05/15 1:55pm

France's Far-Right Leader Marine Le Pen To Go on Trial for 'Racial Hatred'

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right Front National Party, will appear in court for inciting racial hatred. The charges stem from remarks she made during a 2010 rally in Lyon. At the rally, Le Pen made disparaging comments about the Muslim population of France, comparing public prayer to the Nazi occupation. »9/22/15 9:30pm9/22/15 9:30pm

Failed Senate Contender Suffers Psychotic Break While Ranting Against Gay Rights, Waves Tampon 

Kathleen Tonn is many things: She’s a failed Senate contender, she’s a fan of slouchy hats, she’s a prop enthusiast, and she’s also completely and irrevocably mad, as can be seen from her wonderful testimony at an an assembly meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, during which she vehemently protested non-discrimination. No… »9/16/15 7:20pm9/16/15 7:20pm

KY County Clerk Ordered to Issue Marriage Licenses Again, Still Refusing to Do So

If there’s one thing that can be said about Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, it’s that she’s really committed to wearing ankle-length denim skirts in public. Also, she’s also a tireless bigot who continues to refuse gay and lesbian women marriage licenses even though the courts have ordered her to do it twice. »8/27/15 12:07pm8/27/15 12:07pm

Ex-Googler On Discrimination: 'Speaking Up Didn't Fix A Damn Thing'

Ex-Google engineer Erica Baker fought back against discriminatory employment practices when she organized the creation of a spreadsheet of her co-workers’ salaries to encourage transparency. Google’s management was obviously displeased and punished Baker, who is a black woman, by withholding peer bonuses — but didn’t… »7/25/15 5:00pm7/25/15 5:00pm

28 Percent Of Whites Believe Housing Discrimination Should Be Legal

While racism is, for the most part, over in America, some unsettling news has come to light suggesting that it’s actually not. According to a new survey, 28 percent of white Americans said they’d really appreciate it if they could discriminate against races and ethnicities when it comes to selling or renting.
»7/09/15 6:10pm7/09/15 6:10pm

Russia Created an Official 'Straight Pride' Flag to Combat 'Gay Fever'

Russia, a country with absolutely nothing else to worry about, has decided to double down on being a human-rights-violating monstrosity of a place for anyone who isn’t straight or pretending to be: The country’s ruling class—to be clear, not a fringe group, but Putin allies Russia United—has unveiled a new flag… »7/09/15 3:30pm7/09/15 3:30pm

Gay Couple Films Clerk Illegally Denying Them a Marriage License In KY

On Monday, Casey Davis demanded that the American public give him relief from the hordes of gay couples forcing their way into the government office in which he works as a county clerk. Now, video has emerged of the other openly bigoted county clerk in Rowan County, KY refusing a gay couple a license and then calling… »7/08/15 1:32pm7/08/15 1:32pm

Bakery That Refused to Bake Cake For Lesbian Couple Must Pay Damages

The owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Oregon bakery that refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, has been ordered to pay $135,000 in damages. According to the Associated Press, the damages were ordered by Oregon’s bureau of labor and industries for the “emotional suffering” caused by the bakeries… »7/04/15 1:30pm7/04/15 1:30pm

Girl Scouts Turn Down $100K After Donor Demands Trans Discrimination 

In May, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America announced that their organization is officially open to transgender girls. Soon after, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington received a large donation of $100,000 with this caveat: “Please guarantee that our gift will not be used to support transgender girls. If… »6/30/15 11:30am6/30/15 11:30am

Straight Couple Trying to Divorce Over Gay Marriage Can't Legally Do So

It’s been a whole day since we met Nick and Sarah Jensen, tireless advocates for “straight marriage only” and consummate heroes that will literally divorce if gays are allowed equal rights. Unfortunately, you might have to put a hold on that celebratory parade you were planning in their honor. It turns out that they… »6/11/15 10:15pm6/11/15 10:15pm

Couple Forced to Divorce Because Gays Are Ruining Their Marriage

Well, the rumors are true: Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of straight marriage. Need proof? Meet an Australian couple who are threatening to divorce if gays get the right to marry. Nick and Sarah Jensen believe that once those heathen gays can vow everlasting love to each other (and get equal rights), their own… »6/10/15 2:00pm6/10/15 2:00pm