Disco-Dancing Patrick Swayze Encourages You To Drink Pabst

It seems this 1979 commercial starring Patrick Swayze (and wife Lisa Niemi?) was designed to scare and confuse future generations. Why is Swayze doing Dirty Dancing moves in the middle of a roller rink? How did the hipsters in the background lose the disaffected sneer? And why does the announcer call Pabst "good" at the … » 10/28/11 10:20am 10/28/11 10:20am

Saturday Night Dance Party

As I am currently on the road, and SNL is a rerun tonight, we won't be having our typical Saturday Night Live Thread this evening. Today was a bit wacky, posting wise, but tomorrow we'll be back on track. Until then, have a safe and happy evening, and try to keep your post-Thanksgiving, post-Black Friday, "OMG I have to … » 11/29/08 5:15pm 11/29/08 5:15pm

"Do You Have Any Vibrator Recommendations?"

It's time for another installment of Pot Psychology » 7/25/08 4:20pm 7/25/08 4:20pm, the "advice" column in which we attempt to solve everyone's problems with an herbal remedy. (Remember, kids: Don't do drugs!) In this episode, the Big Edie to my Little Edie, , helps me answer questions about anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Got a burning question? Send…