If Yelling at Kids Is as Harmful as Spanking, What the Hell Is Left?

I grew up in Tennessee in the 1980s. This means that when I wasn't being spanked by a paddle, a hand, a belt, or a switch of my own choosing, I was being yelled at. Clearly, I have an extremely well adjusted attitude towards authority figures and a deep, abiding love for all mankind. Which is why it comes as zero… » 11/05/13 11:00am 11/05/13 11:00am

Israeli Soldiers Disciplined for Posting Underwear Selfies on Facebook

Indiscreet Facebook posting usually leads to trouble, especially if, let’s say, you’re part of a fairly conservative institution that doesn’t value individual expression quite as much as unstinting obedience and homogeneity. If you were serving in the Israeli military, for instance, you might not want to post… » 6/02/13 5:30pm 6/02/13 5:30pm

Publicly Spanking Kids Might Still Be Way Too Common

An undercover study by Michigan State University to first and foremost find out how many caregivers physically disciplined their children, but also (just a little) to find out the limits of personal restraint for researchers covertly observing instances of public spanking, found that nearly one in four parents… » 8/06/12 10:25pm 8/06/12 10:25pm