After the Typhoon: Survivors Desperately Try to Stay Alive

Reports from Tacloban suggest that survivors, desperately trying to stay alive in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, have begun raiding and grabbing supplies wherever possible. Amidst reports of wide-spread looting, President Benigno Aquino III is reportedly considering declaring a state of emergency in the city of Tacloban. »11/10/13 5:26pm11/10/13 5:26pm

Bionic Hero-Cockroaches Might Become First Responders in Natural Disasters

Researchers working on "the next big thing in disaster response" have figured out how to put a tiny backpack on a cockroach and then remote-control it through collapsed buildings to locate survivors. The roach can be equipped with a small video camera or a microphone, which can then transmit information to human… »9/14/12 6:30pm9/14/12 6:30pm

The Reunion Of A Dog Lost In Tsunami And Her Owner

Here's tear-inducing video of the grand reunion between Ban, the dog rescued from a pile of debris in the Pacific Ocean last week, and her loving owner. Despite being adrift in the ocean for the three weeks after the tsunami, the dog had plenty of energy to happily wag her tail after finally returning to her owner's… »4/04/11 1:43pm4/04/11 1:43pm