Watch Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth Try the Dirty Dancing Lift

In this promo clip, SNL's Kate McKinnon says she's always fantasized about recreating the lift from Dirty Dancing. THOR, who's hosting this Saturday, helps fulfill those dreams in the weirdest way possible. » 3/04/15 10:30am 3/04/15 10:30am

This Kid Just NAILS Your Favorite Dance Scene From Dirty Dancing

Are you having the time of your life right now? If not, you should just go on ahead and click play on the video above, because this tiny tot nailing every goddamn move of the final scene from that movie where Patrick Swayze had amazing moves/the best mullet is going to give you life. (Unless you are actually suffering… » 10/14/14 6:50pm 10/14/14 6:50pm

The Final Dirty Dancing Scene without Music Is So Very Awkward

I'd be willing to wager that the most iconic part of the extremely iconic final dance scene in Dirty Dancing is Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes' "Time of My Life." So what happens when strip the scene of its very essence? Well, very squeaky shoes and very awkward panting. » 9/07/14 1:35pm 9/07/14 1:35pm

Jennifer Grey Was Still Reeling From Infamous Matthew Broderick Car…

In honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, low-fat dairy product company Skinny Cow is screening the film in venues across the country with star Jennifer Grey in tow. » 7/21/12 12:30pm 7/21/12 12:30pm

Now Your Chance to Live Out Dirty Dancing Is Gone Forever

A hotel in the Catskills that inspired Dirty Dancing has burned down despite the best efforts of 43 fire companies and some 300 firefighters to save a little piece of cinematic history. Though the movie was filmed mostly in North Carolina, Brown's Hotel in the city of Loch Sheldrake inspired the story of a girl… » 4/17/12 9:05pm 4/17/12 9:05pm

Sylvia Robinson Dead At 76

You may know Sylvia Robinson as "Little Sylvia." Or as one half of the duo "Mickey & Sylvia," who sang "Love Is Strange," which was a hit in 1957 — and again in 1987, as part of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. But she also — along with her husband, Joe — founded Sugar Hill Records in 1979 and released the hip hop… » 9/30/11 2:05pm 9/30/11 2:05pm

Dirty Dancing Game Is Coming To Facebook

Dirty Dancing has one of the most popular Facebook fan pages, and now Lionsgate is capitalizing on this by launching an online game based on the film. We were hoping for a virtual Johnny who could repeatedly perform lifts, pummel Robbie, and pull Baby from corners, but the studio is going with an interactive… » 9/13/11 9:27pm 9/13/11 9:27pm

Enthusiastic Cops In Trouble For Dirty Dancing At Parade

Some NYPD officers were caught on video dirty dancing with revelers at last weekend's West Indian Day Parade. Their moves have sparked controversy. » 9/13/11 9:30am 9/13/11 9:30am

How To Say "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner" In German

Will this alleged "reboot" of Dirty Dancing include the iconic line, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner?" All we know is that were it to be made in German, the line would translate to, "My baby belongs to me. Is this clear?" » 8/09/11 5:27pm 8/09/11 5:27pm

Jezebel Event: Watch Dirty Dancing At Our Place

Hey, remember that awesome movie you used to watch all the time on basic cable and smuggled VHS tapes, and then you grew up and realized it also happened to have a strong female lead, a ridiculously hot sex scene, and pro-choice values? We do too! And we're excited to invite you to watch it with us on Monday, August 8… » 7/28/11 4:35pm 7/28/11 4:35pm

A Tribute To The Singular Masculinity Of Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, who died a year ago today, had "incredible masculinity, real guy energy," said the choreographer of Dirty Dancing. His brother said he taught him to be a man. But Swayze's version of masculinity was always more complex. » 9/14/10 1:46pm 9/14/10 1:46pm

Dirty Dancing Is The Greatest Movie Of All Time

The greatness of Dirty Dancing was not lost on me in my near-daily viewings as a child and preteen, re-enacting every dance with my sister. What I learned a little later: it's a great, brave movie for women. » 4/29/10 3:20pm 4/29/10 3:20pm

America's Got Talent... For Pole Dancing

New York's Pole-Ite Girls, known for pole dancing on the subway, have been invited to compete on America's Got Talent. Whatever your thoughts on pole dancing, judging from this video, their talent lies in wiggling next to a pole. [Gothamist] » 4/23/10 12:40pm 4/23/10 12:40pm

Patrick Swayze: Remembered Fondly By Feminists, Dirty Dancing Fans

The feminist themes—abortion, autonomy, daughterhood—of Dirty Dancing were lost on me when I first saw the movie when I was in the third grade. I just liked the grinding and Johnny Castle. » 9/16/09 9:00pm 9/16/09 9:00pm

Remembering Patrick Swayze, The "Cowboy With The Tender Heart"

In the Times' Patrick Swayze obituary, Anita Gates writes that though he was diagnosed with cancer in January 2008, six months later he'd already outlived his prognosis and was filmed at an airport, smiling and calling himself "a miracle dude." » 9/15/09 11:00am 9/15/09 11:00am

Nobody Puts Baby In A Crappy, Weird Workout DVD

Via BWE is this phenomenally campy infomercial for the Dirty Dancing Workout DVD, with a dancer unconvincingly claiming “this is actually from the movie, you guys.” [Best Week Ever] » 1/15/09 6:30pm 1/15/09 6:30pm

The small town of Marshall, North Carolina has agreed to pay a woman $275,000 for banning her from a local community center for dirty dancing. Eight years ago Rebecca Willis, then 56, was accused of gyrating and simulating sexual intercourse with her dance partner while wearing a skirt so short it exposed her… » 11/14/08 2:20pm 11/14/08 2:20pm

Dirty Dancing

When Rebecca Willis » 10/31/08 7:40pm 10/31/08 7:40pm was banned from the Marshall Depot town dance hall for "dirty dancing" at its Friday night get-togethers, she sued the small North Carolina town. The 59-year-old Willis was accused of provocative dancing in micro-minis; she says she was simply expressing herself and, incidentally, wearing…