Jennifer Aniston Says The Break-Up Helped Her Get Over Brad Split

The gossip world is atwitter today because Jennifer Aniston referenced her split from Brad Pitt six years ago and managed to keep herself from weeping uncontrollably. During her Inside The Actors Studio interview with James Lipton, Aniston says she made the extremely courageous decision to film The Break-Up because,… »7/06/11 8:02pm

Charlie Sheen Will Return To TV, Make "More Money Than Ever Before"

Most people would consider getting fired due to their increasingly bizarre antics a wake up call. For Charlie Sheen it's an opportunity for an even bigger payday. Chuckles has inked a deal with Lionsgate Television to create and star in a new sitcom. A source says, "Charlie's character will be very similar to the one… »6/27/11 8:03pm