Sochi Mess Has Finally Gone Too Far: U.S. Athletes Deprived of Yogurt

Somewhere in Newark Liberty International Airport, vessel containing 5,000 Chobani yogurt containers idly sits in refrigeration, its future unknown. The yogurt, meant to nourish the athletes of the US Olympic Team in Sochi, had been blocked by the Russian government on the grounds that the US has not submitted the… » 2/06/14 2:30pm 2/06/14 2:30pm

China Is Pretty Much the World's Biggest Little Mermaid Fan

So China — as in, the People’s Republic of — is really into the Little Mermaid, and not that saccharine Disney cartoon we feed our tumescent American children. The Hans Christian Andersen fairytale is apparently a huge deal in China, so much so that Denmark has been able to establish a strong diplomatic relationship… » 8/25/13 3:00pm 8/25/13 3:00pm

America Suddenly Being Remarkably Cool to Gay People

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry announced that effective immediately, visa applicants who are married to a person of the same sex will be treated exactly the same as those in heterosexual marriages. And yesterday, the Senate approved several openly gay nominees to various posts with no debate or opposition. It's… » 8/02/13 5:30pm 8/02/13 5:30pm

British Writer Bemoans David Cameron’s Lack of Sartorial Joie

In the arena of foreign policy, sartorial choices aren’t just personal statements about how hopelessly conventional world leaders want us to believe they are. The clothes a president or prime minister or emperor or consul or khaleesi chooses to wear will inevitably speak to the national character of the people that… » 6/22/13 4:00pm 6/22/13 4:00pm

Anna Wintour Is Totally Overqualified for the British Ambassador Gig

Is Vogue editrix and roman à clef supervillain Anna Wintour qualified to succeed Louis Susman as the U.S. ambassador to the U.K.? That's the question everyone, with varying degrees of thinly-veiled sexism, seems to be asking after rumors started gamboling wildly about the press that Wintour was President Obama's top… » 12/09/12 2:45pm 12/09/12 2:45pm

Hillary Clinton's UN Doodles Clearly a Window Into Her Innermost…

Birds do it. Bees do it. Secretaries of State hearing UN pleas do it. Yesterday, a photographer caught Hillary Clinton aimlessly drawing on her speech notes during a UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East peace process. The situation is grim, shooting, suffering etc., but all of that starts to run together… » 9/28/12 12:45pm 9/28/12 12:45pm

Egyptian Crowds Jeer Hillary with Chants of ‘Monica’

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was offered an especially unpleasant greeting in the Egyptian port of Alexandria on Sunday when crowds started chanting, "Monica, Monica" in reference to her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky. Then the convened Egyptians started throwing tomatoes — which apparently isn't just… » 7/15/12 11:00pm 7/15/12 11:00pm