Mindy Kaling Says Abortion Is Too Serious to Tackle in a Sitcom

Mindy Kaling graces the cover of this month's issue of Flare magazine, and in the accompanying interview addresses the curious fact that even though all of the main characters in The Mindy Project work in an OB-GYN clinic, the show has never brought up abortion. Well, she sort of addressed it. » 9/03/14 2:30pm 9/03/14 2:30pm

Baseball Star's Holiday Safety Tip: 'Ladies, Let Ur Man Drive'

Today, I took a break from gestating male heirs/ slaving over a hot stove/ piping down and letting the men talk to check this website called "Twitter," where a famous base-ball player named David Price had some great Thanksgiving travel tips for ladies: let your man drive! Especially in dangerous weather! Men, you… » 11/26/13 3:40pm 11/26/13 3:40pm

Giant Newly-Discovered Dinosaur Is Good News for Dinosaur Erotica Fans

Scientists today were pleased to announce that they've discovered a new species of dinosaur and named it Siats meekerorum. The most pleasing part of this pleasing discovery is that the Siats is both bigger and cooler (according to scientific projections they have built-in leopard spotted jackets!) than the T. Rex. … » 11/22/13 3:40pm 11/22/13 3:40pm

Yes, It's Movember--But Don't Forget About Dinovember!

Yes, yes, mustaches. I get it. You're growing a mustache. It's for charity. Charity is good, men's health is good. And it's November. Movember. Yes. What you did there, I see it. » 11/13/13 2:45pm 11/13/13 2:45pm

Richard Cohen Thinks Interracial Families Make America Want to Barf

Oh, boy. Doddering Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen Has Some Thoughts on Bill de Blasio's family, and how "conventional" America probably reacts to them. » 11/12/13 6:40pm 11/12/13 6:40pm

Bryce Dallas Howard Will Be Lead Dino Wrangler in Jurassic Park Sequel

The thing I love most about the long-rumored Jurassic Park sequel/reboot/remake/relaunch/question-mark?!?!?!!?—which has now apparently been dubbed Jurassic World—is that I KEEP FORGETTING ABOUT ITS EXISTENCE. And then it's like dinosaur Christmas over and over again every time a new piece of info hatches under the… » 11/07/13 6:15pm 11/07/13 6:15pm

Hold on to Your Butts: Jurassic Park 4 Is Happening

I think I've made my feelings on Jurassic Park pretty clear (DINOS DINOS DINOS I AM PRO), but I wasn't certain how to feel about the announcement back in March that a Jurassic Park 4 was to be a thing. I mean, the first two sequels were sooooo garbagey—and it's such a weird progression to be like, "Yeah, we know we… » 6/19/13 7:20pm 6/19/13 7:20pm

Greatest Wedding Photo In the History of the World

The Lowders were trying to take their bridal party pictures, when a most unexpected guest popped into the photo frame. But their terror is our gain, and it has resulted in what is clearly the greatest wedding photo of all time. Update: We talked to the photographer! » 5/29/13 9:00pm 5/29/13 9:00pm

I Re-Watched Jurassic Park for You Because, Really, Who Has the Time?

When I was 12, in 1994, I basically did three things: watch The Fugitive, watch A League of Their Own, and watch Jurassic Park. Oh, and listen to Weird Al's "Off the Deep End." Four things. Over and over and over. (Oh!!! And play that Yo! Noid Nintendo game! Five things! But this is not relevant.) In that… » 4/05/13 1:35pm 4/05/13 1:35pm

5-Year-Old Girl Discovers New Species Of Dinosaur; Scientists Name It…

In perhaps the most heartwarming story to ever involve a tiny fossilized pelvis, paleontologists have named a new species of flying dinosaur after the five-year-old cherub of a girl who discovered it. Daisy Morris, now nine, unearthed the fossil in 2008 while walking with her family on the Isle of Wight. She took the… » 3/25/13 6:45pm 3/25/13 6:45pm

Dinosaurs Probably Shook Their Tail Feathers Like Peacocks When They…

Unfortunately for your wild childhood imagination, paleontologists recently decided that all dinosaurs probably had feathers to help insulate them during the holidays much the same way we hairless mammals use hideous sweaters to keep our nipsies from falling off like scabs in cold weather. A new chain of fossil… » 1/04/13 2:00pm 1/04/13 2:00pm

T. Rex Really Ruled at Biting

You might think it's obvious that the mighty T. rex was a champion biter, but actually some hater scientists have questioned the power of its jaws, saying it may have been a mere scavenger. But now fancy 3D imaging techniques have revealed that the terrible lizard likely had a biting power of 35,000-57,000 Newtons per… » 2/29/12 11:30am 2/29/12 11:30am

Dinosaur Expert Becomes Most December-y Husband Ever [Updated]

It looks like renowned paleontologist Jack Horner has gone all Doug Hutchison and married a teenager. His nineteen-year-old wife Vanessa Shiann Weaver was an intern in his lab, and calls herself his "protege." Their age difference: 46 years. » 1/26/12 3:30pm 1/26/12 3:30pm

Prehistoric Terrorist Fails To Frighten Young Girl

[Sydney, October 18: A Tyrannosaurus Rex dwarfs a small girl at the media call for Walking With Dinosaurs. The arena show featuring life-sized dinosaurs returns to Australia after a successful world tour. Image via Getty.] » 10/18/10 1:20pm 10/18/10 1:20pm

39 Crazy Christmas Ornaments To Make You Dread The Season

Summer's basically over, which means Christmas is right around the corner. That is, according to the folks at Bronner's: This catalog arrived in the mail right before the Labor Day weekend. » 9/07/10 4:58pm 9/07/10 4:58pm