It's Thursday: Why Not Make a Custom Dildo of Your Dong?

Is your dick so glorious that you think it needs a twin-dick? Well then I have the event for you! Right now in New York City, 3Dea is happening, a popup store/printing lab that shines a light on the art of 3D printing. The gist of it: You can get pretty much anything printed in 3D, including your penis. Yay,… » 12/06/12 11:45pm 12/06/12 11:45pm

The Remote-Controlled Vibrator Is, Um, Coming

"Reach out and touch someone." If you're over 40, that phrase probably summons memories of the legendary Bell System commercials from the late ‘70s, inviting folks to call up distant friends and "just say hi." Touch was the watchword of the iconic ad campaign, promising that the sound of a loved one's voice was almost as… » 10/19/12 3:30pm 10/19/12 3:30pm

French Concern-Trolls Claim Sex Toys Are the Same as Porn

The French are supposed to be all enlightened, but apparently not when it comes to sex toys: Catholic groups are trying to get a sex shop closed down on the grounds that it's selling "pornographic" materials near a school. But if if they succeed, sex shops could be banned from everywhere but "cemeteries, public gardens… » 2/08/12 2:35pm 2/08/12 2:35pm

How To Buy A Sex Toy

May is National Masturbation Month! Perhaps you'd like to celebrate by purchasing a new vibrator or dildo? Whether it's your first time or you're looking to upgrade or try something new, we've got some helpful hints to assist you in shopping for a sex toy. We asked Lux from our sexy sister site Fleshbot as well as… » 5/13/11 6:30pm 5/13/11 6:30pm

The Mary Mermaid: Is This Dual-Stimulation Sex Toy Hot, Or Just A Cold …

I definitely have more of a "type" when it comes to sex toys than I do when it comes to men. Maybe that's because there's just this one specific need that a sex toy needs to live up to, so I tend to be unyielding in my bias toward certain kinds of toys. For instance, I've always been into clit stimulation, meaning that I … » 5/27/08 5:00pm 5/27/08 5:00pm

"My Roommate Is Bulimic. What Should I Do?"

In this very special 420 episode of Pot Psychology, Rich and I are joined by a magical guest: Jambi the genie! (A virtuoso portrayal by's Gavin McInnes.) He gave us aid(s) in tackling life's everyday issues, including dildo chew toys for dogs, Mormon weddings and large black cocks. Got a burning… » 4/20/08 4:20pm 4/20/08 4:20pm