Watch One Brave Woman React to a Never-Ending Barrage of Dick Pics

Janet is likely the last person on earth who has not yet even been assaulted by a dick pic. So, in an effort to bring her into the 21st century, her friends got together and created a slide show of penis pictures (small, throbbing, veiny roadmaps: They're all here!) to give Janet a glimpse of what it's like to receive… »8/04/14 6:20pm

Boss Lady Seeks Male Personal Assistant With Dick Pics on Craigslist

A 33-year-old "creative industry professional" was sick of seeing Craigslist postings from male "corporate types" looking for sexy female personal assistants—until she realized that she's just as busy and lecherous as those guys, and could make use of a hot piece of her own. Cutting to the chase, her Craiglist ad… »11/07/13 4:40pm

Anthony Weiner Allegedly Kept on Sextin’, Called Self ‘Carlos Danger’

Former Congressman and current mayoral candidate/New York Post headline penis pun darling Anthony Weiner has done a lot of apologizing for the unfortunate sexting habit that all but derailed his political career two summers ago ... so you'd think a guy with sky-high political aspirations would have learned his… »7/23/13 3:10pm