Chick-fil-A Owners to Stop Funding Anti-Gay Groups, Will Still Be Keeping All That Bigot Protest Cash

Today, Chick-fil-A's famously homophobic owners released a statement announcing that the fast food chain would no longer be donating money to anti-gay groups. Victory, right? We totally win, right?! Not really. Regardless of whether the Chick-fil-A brass are contributing to a camp that uses Jesus to turn homos into… »9/19/12 2:05pm9/19/12 2:05pm

Chick-fil-A in New Hampshire Goes Rogue, Announces Plans to Sponsor Gay Pride Festival

Bigots in New Hampshire are going to have to find a way to support limited rights fer the queerz — the manager of the state's only Chick-fil-A has announced that unlike his parent company's CEO, he's just fine with gay people. So fine, in fact, that he'll continue to be a sponsor the state's gay pride festival so all… »8/01/12 5:45pm8/01/12 5:45pm

Muppets and Homophobes Locked in Fierce Battle Over Chick-fil-A

Last week, Chick-fil-A's CEO confirmed what liberal fun-ruiners already knew — the restaurant not only serves up delicious waffle fries, but also some good old fashioned from-scratch bigoted homophobia. Like Mom used to make! The CEO's admission further ignited the already red and itchy culture wars that divide the… »7/23/12 3:10pm7/23/12 3:10pm

Chick-fil-A's Delicious Chicken Sandwiches Are Deep Fried in Hate

The head of Chick-fil-A confirmed yesterday what liberal worrywarts have been warning oblivious sandwich eaters about for years: he really can't stand the homos. That's bad news, if you're a Chick-fil-A connoisseur — the delicious deep fried poultry treat you've been putting in your face all these years is not only… »7/18/12 1:10pm7/18/12 1:10pm