Batshit Birther Orly Taitz's Run for Senate Fails Spectacularly

Remember Orly Taitz? She's awesomely terrible for a number of reasons. First, her names ORLY, like the thing the incredulous owl on the internets say whilst tilting their heads adorably sideways. Second, she's a birther. The queen birther, maybe, who is famous only for her incredible ability to insist that Barack Obama … » 6/06/12 10:50am 6/06/12 10:50am

Cute Kids, Men And The Truth About Wine

  • Because I can't resist a shout-out to the Bostonians among you, Big Papi (aka, David Ortiz, aka Red Sox number 34) became an American citizen today. [Boston Globe]
  • In the citizenship travails of the less famous, Bullard High School valedictorian (and illegal immigrant) Arthur Mkoyan's deportation to Armenia has been …
» 6/11/08 6:00pm 6/11/08 6:00pm