Diana Nyad Will Swim a Mere 48 Continuous Hours for Sandy Relief

For her next feat of strength, modern-day folk hero Diana Nyad will swim for 48 hours straight in a giant tank outside of Macy’s at Herald Square in New York, surrounded by celebrities and bitter jellyfish that have journeyed all the way up from Florida to see Nyad fail (tentacles crossed that she won’t). »10/05/13 3:00pm10/05/13 3:00pm

Some Jerks Think Diana Nyad Faked Her Amazing Cuba-To-Florida Swim

Before the salt water had even evaporated from superhuman Diana Nyad's magical swim cap, other people in the long distance swimming community were all lined up with their suspiciously sour grapes-y doubts that maybe the 64-year-old had somehow faked part of her inspiring swim from Cuba to Florida. And they've got… »9/09/13 6:20pm9/09/13 6:20pm

Diana Nyad’s Latest Cuba-to-Florida Swim Is Going Well (So Far)

After failing last year (and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that…) to swim the 103 miles from Cuba to Florida, crawl exhausted onto the beaches at Key West, and enjoy a mojito Fidel Castro made and bottled in a small, shark-proof thermos, endurance swimmer Diana Nyad was, as of… »9/01/13 12:00pm9/01/13 12:00pm

Diana Nyad on Failed Swim: It All Comes Down to the Jellyfish

Diana Nyad has thankfully made a quick recovery after being pulled from the water yesterday and officially ending her fourth attempt at swimming the 103-mile crossing between Cuba and Florida. Already, the veteran endurance swimmer (who turns 63 today) is up and at 'em, running the interview circuit to discuss her… »8/22/12 12:30pm8/22/12 12:30pm

62-Year-Old Diana Nyad Ends Dangerous Endurance Swim from Cuba to Florida

Diana Nyad, the 62-year-old endurance swimmer attempting to be the first person to ever swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage, was forced to end her quest this morning after a series of overnight circumstances created too dangerous of an environment, including the increasing presence of sharks and… »8/21/12 10:10am8/21/12 10:10am

Diana Nyad Is Swimming from Florida to Cuba While the Rest of the Country Enjoys Its Pancakes

Diana Nyad, the 62-year-old distance swimmer with a nagging desire to be the first person ever to swim successfully from Cuba to Florida, set off Saturday on her 103-mile journey through the shark- and jellyfish-infested bathwater that separates her from the record books. Though she'd planned on beginning her swim… »8/19/12 12:00pm8/19/12 12:00pm

Badass Endurance Swimmer Diana Nyad Will Once Again Attempt to Swim to Cuba

What would happen if Diana Nyad (best swimmer name ever), the 63-year-old endurance swimmer who is making a fourth attempt to swim the 103 miles of shark-attack warm water from Florida to Cuba, were confronted with a hungry shark mid-stroke? Ha! Trick question — sharks know not to fuck with the broad-shouldered Nyad… »7/10/12 9:30am7/10/12 9:30am

Sixty Two Year Old Woman Quits Swim From Cuba to Florida

American endurance athlete Diana Nyad has abandoned her attempt to swim the 103 miles from Cuba to South Florida due to jellyfish stings. According to a spokesperson, she was pulled from the water last night after being stung by a Portuguese Man O War. She attempted to reenter the water this morning and was stung… »9/25/11 1:34pm9/25/11 1:34pm

61-Year-Old Woman Will Sing Bob Dylan Tunes While Swimming To Key West From Cuba

Diana Nyad is attempting to swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West Florida, a 103-mile haul. She started her journey yesterday, but before she hit the ocean, she spoke with Today's Natalie Morales. Turning 60 was the catalyst that sparked Nyad into action; she says, "I started thinking, I want to feel alive and alert… »8/08/11 11:40am8/08/11 11:40am