Sisterhood of Hip Hop Reality Show Spotlights Women Who Rap

Five female rappers are getting a shot at stardom through a new show called Sisterhood of Hip Hop and here's hoping it's more The (White) Rapper Show than Love and Hip-Hop. » 6/09/14 12:40pm 6/09/14 12:40pm

Someone Just Spent $30M on This Big Ass 118-Carat Diamond

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, this giant rock auctioned off in Hong Kong today is… what? Life partner? Champion? Soul mate? » 10/07/13 4:20pm 10/07/13 4:20pm

Man Steals 68 Carat Diamond By Claiming It's Lost

A Canadian businessman arranged to buy a $3.3 million South African diamond, then claimed it was lost by customs at JFK. He sold it to a U.S. jeweler and went on the lam, sparking an international battle over the gem. » 7/15/10 11:17am 7/15/10 11:17am

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Dallas Club With 12-Year-Old Stripper Will Pay No Price

There's the old saying that fifteen can get you twenty, but in Dallas, Texas, it seems that twelve will get you no punishment whatsoever. Diamonds Cabaret, a Dallas-area strip club, is keeping its license even after it was discovered that the business employed a 12-year-old stripper for two weeks last year. According… » 4/04/08 9:30am 4/04/08 9:30am